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Martedì 24 Giugno 2014 16:09

2014 Calendar of WCDF Events

Sergio Scarpetta (Italy) will challenge Ron King for the GAYP World title on

July 5-10 in the province of Foggia, Italy. Ezio Valentini is referee. Match Contributions are welcome.

The 2014 World Qualification Tournament, Women & Youth World Championship has been awarded to USA on November 13-16. The overall winner of the qualifier division tournament (3-Move restriction openings) earns the right to challenge Michele Borghetti for the 3-Move Restriction World Title in 2015. The scheduled events in Louisville will also include 3-Move World Championship events for both women and youth. Entry fee is $50 for each event. All events will play at the Bluegrass Magic Gameshop. The address is 5629 Outer Loop, Louisville, KY 40219, US phone: 502-964-1170. Michael Holmes has suggested one hotel as Quality Inn & Suites, 3255 Bardstown Rd, Louisville, KY 40205, with rates still being negotiated. Phone: 502 454-0451.

Many other lodging options are available, but bus connections are less favorable.  Anyone needing more information on this event can contact myself at 440-516-1284, or Michael Holmes at 502-767-2725.

Associations affiliated to WCDF may nominate up to two participants for each qualifier section. Nominations should be received by WCDF secretary John Reade by 13 October.

This communication also serves as a reminder for members to renew their WCDF affiliation ($100 or 75 euro or equivalent) to Ian Caws (54 Mayfield Road, Ryde, Isle of Wight, England, PO 33 3PR) or to myself. The WCDF General Assembly will be held in USA in November alongside the World Qualification event. WCDF election of officers will also be held this year.

2014 European Cup of Draughts

 The 2nd European Cup of Draughts is in progress (Stage 1 complete). Igor Martynov has again kindly agreed to maintain a checkers event calendar, news, and World Cup info at his site: http://home.arcor.de/checkers64/index.html.

 2014 Sport Accord World Mind Games

Checkers participated for the first time in the Sport Accord WMG in 2012 in Beijing China. Four players participated in 2012 (Moiseyev, Kondlo, Borghetti, King). Checkers has reached an agreement with FMJD and Sport Accord to return in 2014 to Beijing with the competition held from 11 to 17 December with accommodation and flights covered for four players (to be nominated) and 1-2 officials. The prize fund is estimated to be $9000.

 Richard Beckwith, WCDF President, 17 June 2014.



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