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1st Italian Draughts World Championship 2020

Rules and Regulations

Game formula
The 1st Italian Draughts World Championship will take place in Italy in the year 2020. There will be 12 players who will play 11 rounds. In each round the players will play each opponent twice, one time with white and one time with black. Each player will play against all the other ones (that is 22 games for each one) with five and a half days of actual play. As a rule, a maximum of four games per day will be played, equal to two rounds of play.

All 12 players will be guests of the tournament's organization (free accommodation and meals) during the competition; all players will receive a contribution to cover the normal travel expenses.

Participants will be selected as follows:
• 2 players from the Americas;
• 2 players from Europe (excluding Italy);
• 2 players from Africa;
• 2 players from Asia and Oceania;
• 2 players from Italy;
• 2 players from a "World Championship Qualifying Tournament"
The last two places will be selected through a "World Championship Qualifying Tournament".
The "WC Qualifying Tournament" will be open to every players from Italy and from abroad. It will be held in Italy, in the previous weekend (Saturday and Sunday) of the beginning of the World Championship. The players who will take part to the "WC Qaulifying Tournament" will have to pay by themselves the costs for accommodation and travel. However, the two qualified players will be reimbursed of the travel expenses and also of the costs of accommodation (room and meals) for the "WC Qualifying Tournament", as it will be indicated in the future rules of the tournament.

Technical Regulations of the 1st Italian Draughts World Championship 2020
1. In each round the players will play each opponent twice, one time with white and one time with black, playing with the same Italian “opening" (concerning the first three moves) in reversed color, for each round.
2. The openings will be drawn among those allowed from the "Italian General Openings Table". (see Annex 1 - Openings World Championship 2020)
3. For each round there will be 4 points up for grabs, two for each game. 2 points will be awarded for each game won, 1 point for each game draw and 0 points for each game lost.
4. At each round a different opening will be drawn for each table (for each match).
5. It will be possible to extract the same opening in different turns, but not for the same player, it means that each players will always play different openings.
6. Pairings will be set according by the Technical Regulations of the Italian Draughts Federation (FID TR). In each round the player who will receive the color "White" will play the first game with the white pieces.
7. For players of the same nationality it will be adopted the preferential pairing criteria of the FID TR. According this criteria the players of the same nationality will play together in the first round (if they are only two) or in the beginning rounds (if there are more than two players of the same nationality).
8. It will only be possible to propose a draw (a tie) exclusively if both players will have not more than six pieces (per player) on the checker board.
9. If two or more players end with equal points, the classification will be determined by the “technical playoff score” called "Quotient" (in the FID TR), giving to each player, for each game, twice of the points achieved by the opponents with which they have won, the points achieved by the opponents with which they have drawn (tied) and zero points by the opponents with whom they have lost.
10. The World Champion Title will be awarded to the best ranked player based on the total score, and in case of equal points, the player with the best Quotient. In case of equal points and Quotient, it will be played a play-off match with reduced time, according to a method that will be defined later.
11. In order to determine the other ranking positions it will be always used the final score and, if necessary, the Quotient. However, in case of equal points and quotient, the players will be considered “ex-aequo” (shared position), the divisible prizes will be divided and the indivisible prizes will be awarded by drawing lots.
12. The Fischer system will be used for the reflection time, with an initial time of 1h and a recharge of 30 seconds.
13. Each player must transcribe its whole game (move by move) during the game, during every match.
14. For everything that is not included in this regulation, it will be applied the FID Technical Regulations.

FID arbitration rules will be applied.
In the World Championship there will be two referees, one of whom not Italian.
In the WC Qualifying Tournament, more referees will be present, one of whom is not Italian.
The WC Tournament Director, in consultation with the Organizing Committee, can make changes to the present regulation if they assume that the change is appropriate for the success of the event.

WC Qualifying Tournament regulations
The players already qualified to WC can not take part to the WC Qualifying Tournament.
To take part to the WC QT, the foreign players (not the Italian players) must be indicated/authorized by their own federations or directly by FID.
All Italian players regularly registered for the year 2020 can participate to the WC QT.
The QT will have the "open" formula as in the FID Technical Regulations.
The games of WC QT will be played, using Italian General Openings - "Table B" .
The first two classified will qualify for the World Championship of Italian Draughts.
In case of equal points and Quotient, the qualified players will be determined by playing play-off matches with reduced time, according to a method that will be defined later.
Details of the WC Qualifying Tournament will be announced by June 30, 2019.

Qualifications of Italian Players
1. For the 2020 World Championship two Italians will be qualified by right as in the following points.
2. The Italian (Absolute) Champion 2019 will be qualified by right.
3. It will be drawn up a list by the "FID Master Slam", which will consider the best six scores obtained by players in the Italian Tournaments valid for the Italian Cup FID in 2019, according to the criteria for the awarding score of the Italian Cup FID. In case of same score, it will be considered the seventh best result and so on. If there aren't any other tournaments to be considered, in case of further equality, it will be considered the best rating ELO for the year 2019.
4. The winner of the "FID Master Slam 2019" will be qualified by right.
5. In case the Italian Champion 2019 and the winner of the "FID Master Slam 2019" were the same person, the second of the "FID Master Slam 2019" will be qualified.
6. In case of renunciation of the Italian Champion 2019, the Italian Vice-Championship will be qualified. The general criteria provides to have a qualified player from the Italian Championship and a player qualified by the "FID Master Slam 2019". In case of ambiguous situations, not foreseeable at the moment, the choice of the qualified will be at the charge of the National Technical Director FID.

Selections of the foreign players
At the moment, there is not a plan for creating continental selection tournaments.
Foreign players must indicate their will to participate by April 30, 2019.
The names must be indicated by their Draughts Federations (where existing).
Exceptionally, the players may be considered also if there is not a federation to which they belong.
If the Continental requests are more than the available places, the two players from each Continent will be chosen according to the following criteria:
• World Champions in office (FMJD and WCDF)
• The best WCDF rating order at 30th April 2019 or, then the best Volmac of the FMJD, and then the international and national titles won;
• The second player of the Continent will be selected by evaluating the best rating order Volmac FMJD at 30th April 2019, then the best WCDF rating, and the international and national titles won, but favoring a player of different continent / nationality from that already represented (as first Continental player chosen).

Reserves of foreign players
If an already selected player would have to renounce to the participation by 31st December 2019 he will be replaced according to the continental availability.
Any renunciations subsequent to the 31th December 2019 may also be replaced also by the lists of other continents, preferably in the European area, if time allows that.
In case of last-minute renunciations, the substitution's criterias will be defined later.

After the FID will have the names of the candidates for the participation in the World Championship, the FID Federal Technical Commission will make the choices, according to the criteria previously described, and it will communicate to the players and to their federations the names of the players qualified for the World Championship.
The cost of registration is € 100.
The registration will be considered completed only with the presentation of a copy of the air ticket or other means of transport or other official procedure that the FID will consider useful to ensure the effective will of the player to participate to the World Championship.

Basic program
The WC Qualifying Tournament will be played on Saturday and on Sunday (it means that the players will arrive on Friday). The already selected players for the World Championship are expected on Sunday evening.
Opening ceremony will take place on Monday morning.
The World Championship will begin on Monday afternoon and it will end on the following Saturday.
Saturday afternoon/night is reserved for any play-offs.
The award ceremony will be held on Sunday morning.
Departure on Sunday evening or Monday morning.

Money Prize (> € 5,500)
1st place: € 1,500
2nd place: € 1,000
3rd place: € 750
4th place: € 500
5th place: € 400
6th place: € 300
7th place: € 250
8th place: € 200
9th place: € 150
10th place: € 150
11th place: € 150
12th place: € 150

The best classified foreign player will have the guarantee of a minimum prize of € 1,000.

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